Mosquito App – Major Fail On The Today Show (VIDEO)

Mosquito App Fail

This is why other countries are winning.

Mosquito repellent app experiment goes wrong – News Reporter Gets Stung By Hundreds Of Mosquitoes! mosquito repellent app experiment fail goes wrong today show – Mosquito repellent app fail Kerry Sanders today shows experiment mosquitoes bite hand news reporter anti mosquito app fail with sound mosquito challenge stunt News Reporter Gets Stung By Hundreds Of Mosquitoes! NBC’s Kerry Sanders bravely provides a firsthand demonstration of a new app that claims it can repel mosquitoes with sound. Why would anyone stick their arm into a box containing 5,000 mosquitos?

All in the name of technology! A new app promises to keep mosquitos away by emitting a high-frequency noise that the bugs apparently hate. The “Today” show co-hosts wanted to give it a try on Thursday, so NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders took on the challenge.

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