What Is Kangen Water

What is Kangen Water

What is Kangen Water®

Enagic’s line of ionizers changes the molecular structure of water to produce medical grade ionized water and is the ONLY ionizer in the world that is a certified medical device. The ionizers can produce 7 different types of water from strong acidic to a strong alkaline water that all have different uses and benefits aside from just drinking the water. The word Kangen is a Japanese word that means “Return To Origin.”

Kangen Water is ionzied water that SPECIFICALLY came from Enagic’s Water Ionizers that are Medical Devices. Enagic does this to distinguish themselves from other alkaline or ionizer brands that are cheap knockoffs.

3 Properties & Benefits of Kangen Water

1. Alkaline

A healthy body’s pH should be around a 7.3pH. Depending on a person’s lifestyle and eating habits, the body’s pH can drop. When your pH drops below a 7pH  it is in acidic territory and that is when people start getting sick and developing diseases. All diseases, no matter what, stems from your body being over acidic!

Kangen Water pH Chart

2. Anti-Oxidants

When water from your tap goes through the electrolysis chamber of the ionizer, it charges the water and gives it VERY powerful anti-oxidants. This is the most powerful, natural form of anti-oxidants in liquid form on earth.

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Kangen Water ORP Chart

A couple other ways for your body to get anti-oxidants.

A cut apple is a great example of oxidation. After a few minutes of cutting an apple, it starts to turn brown (oxidize). This very thing happens inside our body. Oxidation is in ALL water (bottled & tap water) and especially soda. Oxidation = Free Radicals.

Kangen Water oxidation
Cut Apple after several minutes – this is what is happening inside your body. Oxidation is essentially killing our cells and dehydrating our tissues causing us to age quicker.

With Kangen Water® we can slow down our aging process since the very powerful anti-oxidants will help combat the oxidation that is in our body.

3. Micro-clustered

The clusters of of molecules in Kangen Water® are significantly smaller than bottled water or tap water, which will hydrate your body 600 times better than ANY other water. This increases the “drinkability” of water by reducing the usual feeling of being “bloated” when drinking other water. Numerous benefits have been associated with the phenomenon of micro-clustered water.

Kangen Water Microclusters

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